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LINHA is a partner of the Laboratory of Cognitive and School Neuropsychology (Lance-UFSC) in the extension project JUST PLAY which aims to contribute with parents and family to welcome, play and stimulate children during the pandemic. To follow the work of the group, just follow the account @BrincaMente on instagram. The group publishes various materials - such as videos, booklets and live conversations - in order to promote healthy development in childhood and adolescence.

“Since conducting research and face-to-face extension activities at the university has become unviable at this time, its applications may be beneficial for children at home”, says professor Chrissie Carvalho and adds: “we thought about creating this communication channel for exchange information, research, studies and discussions on our main theme: child development and neuropsychology. ”

BrincaMente's Instagram account gives access to the full schedule and videos of the lives already produced on IGTV. Even those who do not have an Instagram account can watch the lives and consult the content produced.

Just access the address: https://www.instagram.com/brincamente or search for @brincamente

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